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Nominating for a race meeting

All nominations must be done using the AIDKA App (via "Calendar")

Multiple drivers can be nominated before payment is required ("add another nomination" and change to their licence #)

Want to nominate drivers but don't have an AIDKA licence?

Use this link:

Single Event Licences (SEL) are available for nearly all race meetings

Use this link:



Nomination fees are paid for as part of the nomination process.
Online payments only

Strictly NO late nominations

Nominations are not accepted via phone/text/email


Please sign in BEFORE scrutineering


  1.  If a race meeting is cancelled prior to commencement, all online payments will be automatically refunded to the account that made the purchase (less the PayPal transaction fee)

  2.  If a race meeting is cancelled prior to the completion of round 1, refunds will be offered.
    An application to the club treasurer (see
    contacts page) for a refund (less the PayPal transaction fee) within 5 days of the cancellation

  3. NO refunds will be given for not showing up to the meeting unless ...

    • An unexpected/unavoidable situation arises after submitting the nomination and before the start of the race meeting

    • Contact with the club treasurer occurs asap or within 5 days after the race meeting (see contacts page)

    • Any refund (less the PayPal transaction fee) will be at the sole discretion of the club treasurer (who may or may not consult with the club executive)

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