Welcome to the new nomination system!

  • We have a new form that allows for up to 6 drivers, and up to four classes for each driver.
    This will make it much easier for families and groups to complete just one form

  • At the close of nominations (10pm on the Monday prior to the race) online nominations will no longer be possible

  • Entry fees will now have the option of being paid ...

    • ONLINE:  at the time of nomination (PayPal / Debit Card / Credit card)
      To encourage online payments there will be a $5 discount, per class, off the standard entry fee
      (this should make it easier/quicker to sign in and avoid having to carry extra cash)

    • IN CASH:  at the sign-in desk when checking in ... at the standard entry fee per class

  • Late nominations will still be accepted ... but ONLY at the sign-in desk on race day
    Late nominations on race day will still go into the main draw (no ROF penalty)
    The late nomination fee will be $5 more, per class, than the standard entry fee

  • In the case of a cancelled race meeting, all online payments will be fully refunded to the account that made the purchase.

  • No refunds will be given for not showing up to the meeting ... unless

    • in the case of an emergency (this will be determined at the sole discretion of the club) ... AND

    • the club has been notified prior to 6pm on the night before the race meeting